About BrightBridge Tutoring

      Our Tutors

      Each of the tutors at BrightBridge Tutoring & Test Prep LLC is an experienced educator with a passion for one-on-one tutoring. Tutors work with us because they want to make a positive difference in a student’s life, academically and beyond. Reliability, creativity, patience, and depth of knowledge are all required traits at BrightBridge. Because our tutors are in communication with teachers and use the exact curriculum that is being used in the student’s classroom, you can be certain the quality of the instruction is unparalleled.

      Our test prep tutors customize proven techniques and strategies to maximize a student’s strengths and learning style while simultaneously addressing areas of concern. A student’s academic skills and self-esteem grow together as understanding of the material deepens and new levels of mastery are achieved.

      Our President

      Mark Lande is the president and founder of BrightBridge Tutoring and Test Prep LLC. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University and his Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies from the Iliff School of Theology. Mark previously worked as a teacher for 18 years in both private and public school settings, and as a private in-home tutor for students seeking supplementary or advanced tutoring in math, reading, literature, and languages. He has also taught undergraduate classes at the University of Denver where he was awarded a PhD fellowship. Having taken and passed the ACT, SAT, GRE, LSAT, Real Estate Licensing Exam, and many other standardized tests in the 97th to 99th percentile range, Mark has developed effective and transferable strategies for maximizing test scores.

      Mark’s approach to tutoring all subjects is based on individualized instruction designed to address the learning style and educational needs of the student. Each in-home consultation is personally conducted by Mark to establish which approach and which tutor will be most effective. Mark and all the tutors at BrightBridge Tutoring & Test Prep LLC are committed to effective and timely communication with parents, teachers, and all other parties involved in a student’s success.

      Please contact Mark directly by phone at 720-329-2406 or email at mlande@brightbridgetutoring.com with any questions or requests.