My name is Janet and I work as a professional tutor with BrightBridge Tutoring and Test Prep LLC. I love tutoring others, seeing the joy in their eyes when a goal is reached and confidence build as their skills increase. My own path to becoming a tutor began when I was studying for the GRE, the graduate record exam, a test most graduate schools in the humanities require their candidates to take (and score well on!). I had the verbal part of the exam pretty well under control, but the math section was driving me crazy. I tried flash cards and test prep books bought at the store, but it seemed like my brain simply did not want to grasp mathematical concepts. Finally, near tears one night after yet another dismal score on a practice test, I called my undergraduate school to get the name of a tutor specializing in the math section of the GRE. We started working together late in the afternoon on a cold day in December. The holidays were coming up and I was determined to take the actual GRE soon after. During the first session my tutor talked to me about creating a framework for our sessions together. She outlined a course of study that included not only the study of math, but also an examination of my time use and organizational skills. She gave me assignments that at first seemed too easy, but I now realize were important in helping me overcome my emotional block to math. I had come to believe I simply was no good at math. Soon the difficulty of the assignments increased, but amazingly so did my ability to complete them successfully. By our tenth session together, I was feeling more confident than I thought possible. I took a timed practice exam and scored high enough on the math section to put me in the top 90th percentile. Beyond being able to address more difficult math problems, I was able to relax and trust in the skills my tutor had helped me develop. I used my time effectively, and incorporated other test taking strategies she had taught me. Well, I could go on about how great the sessions were after that, but let it suffice to say that when I took the actual test later that spring, I scored 720 on the math section. My verbal scores were even better, as I was able to apply the techniques that had served me so well in preparing for the math section to the verbal section, my area of strength, as well. I am a true believer in one-on-one tutoring. Now it is my great joy to pass on to others what I was so lucky to have received.

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