One of the most vital steps in the development of a successful tutor-tutored relationship relates to exactly that: creating a trusting relationship. On the face of it tutoring appears easy, in particular for young children. Because of that many people call me about becoming┬átutors as an “easy” way to make some extra money. However, far more than mastery of subject material is involved in effective tutoring. Tutors are in a unique position to provide the kind of emotional support a teacher with a room full of other students simply cannot offer. As well, effective tutors discover which areas a student must focus upon in terms of academic material and also in terms of study habits, organizational skills and emotional preparedness. What is not feasible for a teacher with a full classroom, and impossible for the stranger, becomes natural for the skilled tutor who has earned the trust of the student. Arguably, it is not a higher grade in a particular subject, or better test scores on a particular test┬áthat are the measure of a successful tutoring relationship, although these metrics are certainly important. The real measure of effective tutoring is in the learning techniques transmitted that apply to all areas of a student’s academic life. One-on-one tutoring relationships involving strong personal connections can instill in the student life changing┬áconfidence, self-esteem, and belief in their ability to successfully meet life’s many challenges.

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